Enough Portable Power to Start a Car

Strong enough to start a car.

Strong enough to start a car.

The Alpha Powerbank/jump starter charges phones, tablets, speakers and other portable USB devices, plus is strong enough to jump start a car. If you are looking for portable power, this is it.

From the manufacturer,”Alpha Powerbank/jump starter charges phones, tablets, speakers and other portable USB devices, starts gas engines up to 6.4L (diesel up to 3.2L), and fits in your pocket or glove box for emergencies. Long-lasting high density 8000 mAh lithium battery with sandstone finish LED indicator lights. Includes USB car charger and jumper cables. Note: Car battery should be no less than 75% charged for successful jump start.”

The over all size of the UQ5175 Alpha Powerbank/jump starter is 6.61″W x 3.07″L x 0.98″Thick. With a large imprint area fro your logo of 2-3/4″W x 1-1/2″H.  The standard imprint method is silkscreening. The UQ5175 Alpha Powerbank/jump starter as comes complete with car battery connector, USB car chargers, and 3 in 1 charge cord.

The crazy power of the UQ5175 Alpha Powerbank/jump starter I think makes it the best powerbank for a tech heavy user in the field. I am thinking of maintenance repair or insurance adjusters, or other folks that are working via tablets and cell phones for their complete workday.

I am having some work done on my house presently, and during the planning phase, everything was done via an iPad in my living-room, from looking at designs, to approving the paperwork. For a power user of mobile tools, the UQ5175 Alpha Powerbank/jump starter should certainly be an item your sales staff carries daily.

Please contact us at info@proformagreen.com if you would like more information on the UQ5175 Alpha Powerbank/jump starter.

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