HXD Decoration Technique

So this is not so much an item, as a new technology for decoration of clothing. Take a look at the HXD Decoration Technique from TRIMARK.

TRIMARK can do HXD on nearly their full line of clothing, caps, and jackets (see the catalog).

Here is their pitch, “HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of True EdgeTransfer. HXD is remarkably durable, allowing it to be used on everything from high-end automobiles to textiles. The adhesives have been tested for both washing machines and dry cleaning, and HXD will be available for almost every garment we sell. HXD adds both a reflective quality and new dimension to subtle tone-on-tone decoration.”

And the video

These is really neat stuff, and if your are a technology company that wants to look like a technology company in your corporate apparel, HXD is likely the best way to good. Very, very sharp look.

Sports teams, college brands, automotive dealers, anyone looking for a bold new look, should look to HXD.

Please contact us at info@proformagreen.com if you would like more information on HXD decoration.

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