About this Blog

The obvious cliche is that technology is all around us. The purpose of this blog is to show how items that support all that technology, can be branded with your company or organization’s logo. There are a lot of very cool, very interesting, very useful promotional items in this category, and I hope to show you some of the best.

If you have any questions about products you see on this blog, or ideas for the blog, please contact me.

John.Simonetta@proforma.com, office phone 866.241.7606.

About Our Company

Proforma is a full service creative agency without the fees, an addition to your staff without being an addition to your payrole.

Ask yourself, does your current creative partner…

  • Help make your work time more productive?
  • Identify awards, gifts and other recognition items that strengthen client and employee relationships?
  • Create marketing materials that enhance your company’s image and selling effectiveness?
  • Offer full IT and Multimedia capapilites to bring your marketing to the next level?
  • Offer solutions to help streamline your organizations paperwork process and reduce your company’s administrative costs?
  • Have the ability to draw on the support of over 500 offices in North America, with the purchasing power of a $400 million company?

In today’s business climate, managers are being asked to do much more with their budgets and staff, and do it better and faster. That’s where we come in. Proforma is the only partner you’ll ever need for promotions, print communications, direct mail, website construction, multimedia and social media support, website stores and order platforms.

Contact us today and let us win your business.

www.proformagreen.com for more information.