Fusion – 3 Gifts in 1: wireless speaker, powerbank & speakerphone

Fusion: 3 gifts in 1
Share your favorite music with your friends on the road and stay charged as well! Fusion Bluetooth speaker delivers high quality music playback, creating an unforgettable experience for you and friends. On a business trip? The built in mic offers a impeccable conference call experience for corporate warriors. And don’t worry about running low on your phone or tablet’s battery, Fusion’s built in 6000 mAh powerbank keeps your devices charged while on the go.


Very clean look.

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Pionears Spec Sample Sale for September

Our Pionears boast unique features that make them perfect for this holiday season!

Proforma can print this amazing earbuds / power bank combo with any full color artwork. Check out the video.

Our highly-anticipated Pionears and Sonosphear stacked up tons of pre-orders after their product reveal in January. Since their launch in July, we’ve been working hard to keep up with orders that never seem to end. We’re glad you love these items! Order on special today to experience the awesomeness.

No Minimums | $0 Setups | Full Color Digital Imprint | 100% Awesome
Expires 9/29/17. Use code PISO900.

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BrandCharger Candle

So the folks at BrandCharger are just calling this little guy Candle.

“BrandCharger Playbulb Candle, simply because life should be colorful and fun! Candle is a mobile App controlled lamp that liberates our imagination over colors. With BrandCharger Candle, you can now freely create your own unique mood lighting anytime, anywhere. It is handy, smart and the perfect unique gift.”

BrandCharger Playbulb Candle might be small, but it packs a lots of bells and whistles, including its own app on Google Play call PLAYBULB X, Bluetooth V4.0 connectivity, and a two month nightly use on a single set of batteries.

The imprint area is a decent 1in. x 1in. at the base of the unit.

Couple of crazy things, the built-in smart sensor on the Candle allows you to blow on it, thus blowing it out like a real candle. Also, turned light side down, it is designed to hold a real votive candle. And, the Candle has a embedded sent chip. Yep, that’s real. Enjoy Rose, Lavender, or Green Tea scents. (The manufacturer makes no mention of how long the scent lasts, and we have not played with one at the office yet, so I don’t know.)

For company events taking place outside, this is a great presentation gift and take away. I also like it for music launches, hotel and event promotion, and outdoor branding.

Take a look at the video. “CANDLE is a mobile App controlled device that liberates our imagination over colors. With CANDLE, you can now freely create your own unique flame at anytime anywhere. It is handy, smart and safe.”

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AuraBox 2.0

Introducing the all new AuraBox 2.0, the second generation AuraBox with so much more to offer. Built with a powerful 5 Watt Bluetooth speaker and 21% more pixels to create smoother animations with more color options, this innovative device comes with a digital creative palette, social media desktop notification system, a smart alarm and more. The AuraBox 2.0’s new and improved app allows you to share designs with friends. Use the Aurabox 2.0 to inspire, create and connect to your daily life in a way that ignites your imagination.

  •  Bluetooth, 33 Ft. Wireless Range
  • 6+ Hrs of Audio Playtime, 5 Watt Speaker

  • Built-in Microphone, Thermometer, Smart Alarm Clock, Games and More

  • Chat function so you can send other users messages and images​

  • Interactive App Available for Free Download — Apple or Android

  • On Speaker Controls

  • Includes Charging & Auxiliary Cord

Check out the video

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HXD Decoration Technique

So this is not so much an item, as a new technology for decoration of clothing. Take a look at the HXD Decoration Technique from TRIMARK.

TRIMARK can do HXD on nearly their full line of clothing, caps, and jackets (see the catalog).

Here is their pitch, “HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of True EdgeTransfer. HXD is remarkably durable, allowing it to be used on everything from high-end automobiles to textiles. The adhesives have been tested for both washing machines and dry cleaning, and HXD will be available for almost every garment we sell. HXD adds both a reflective quality and new dimension to subtle tone-on-tone decoration.”

And the video

These is really neat stuff, and if your are a technology company that wants to look like a technology company in your corporate apparel, HXD is likely the best way to good. Very, very sharp look.

Sports teams, college brands, automotive dealers, anyone looking for a bold new look, should look to HXD.

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