Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp

IdolMemory_DF-flyer_Tulip_2016Q1Bluetooth speakers are great promotional items. They get used, and their use brings people direct to your branding. The Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp has something I have not see before, and that would be the “and lamp” part.

Yes, this is an LED light bulb, that goes about anywhere a normal light bulb goes, with a built in Bluetooth speaker in the casing. So, yes, that is a bit crazy.

Want more crazy? The Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp can be controlled through an app for iPhone or Android, that allows you to change the color of the light the Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp is producing. From the manufacturer, “Bright, colorful light pulses along with the beat or remains as a classic lamp”. Crazy.

The imprint area on the Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp is a square 1in x 1in. Product colors (the casing) come in blue, white, pink, and green. Who needs a branded light/speaker? Really who doesn’t.

I think Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp would be a great idea for the beer and wine industry. For consumer technology companies. For music promotion (a no brainier there). For college dorm rooms, this thing doesn’t even take up limited shelf space. For industrial design firms, or companies that are pushing ideas to the edge, Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp is a promotional item that seeks to be as innovative as their ideas.

So yes, I am going to write it here first, the Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp is really a bright idea.

Please contact us at info@proformagreen.com if you would like more information on the Tulip Bluetooth Speaker & Lamp .

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