Powerbanks just keep getting stronger. You know these things, you charge the powerbank, and then use them to charge your phone so you do not have to leave your meeting to locate a power outlet. Just take out the powerbank, and plug into power.

The Squid Max 7500 MAH Powerbank from Xoopar is one of the better powerbanks currently in the promotions game. Let’s count how. 1) 7500 MAH is powerful enough to charge two phones and an ipad (at least) on a full charge. 2) With a full color, illuminated epoxy art panel, the Squid Max is a glowing billboard for your brand. 3) Compact size makes it easy to use and travel with. 4) Suction feet – yep – suction feet let it attach to your phone or tablet, and can even act as a stand for your device.

Steal this idea, print the Squid Max Powerbank with your business card information. Not so sexy from a design point of view, but no one will ever lose your contact information again. Another great idea is to take a pile of these to any large convention, and setup a checkout system, so attendees can use during their sessions. You can of course just give them away, but setting up a kiosk and checking them out will allow you to collect contact information on those folks using the Squid Max Powerbank. And getting contacts is why we attend tradeshows, right?

But that full color imprint area is really the stand out achievement for the Squid Max Powerbank. It means your design is not limited in any way. Selling cars, great, print a full color image of your latest model on the powerbank. Resort, excellent, print with an image of your scenic view. Football tie-in, sure, print with a photo of the stadium, for a great alumni gift.

Promotional items are about getting your marketing message to your public, and with it’s full color, fully lit cover, the Squid Max Powerbank is going to shine in that regard.

Bold Imprint Area

Bold Imprint Area

A buddy for your IPhone

A buddy for your iPhone

Squid Max 7500 MAH Powerbank features

  • Portably and safely speed charge up to two devices with the 7500mAh Squid Max Powerbank
  • Fully lit epoxy panel makes logos shine!
  • Attaches securely to your smart phone or tablet with dust proof silicone suction feet
  • 2.1A output, overcharge protection, rechargeable Li-ion Grade A Non-Recycled battery
  • Micro USB to USB cable included.
  • Packaged in white tuck box.

Please contact us at info@proformagreen.com if you would like more information on Squid Max 7500 MAH Powerbank from Xoopar.


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